NPO Fukuoka Uganda Friendship Association has it's head office located in Kasuga City Fukuoka Prefecture
We carry out our activities in all areas of Fukuoka Prefecture

Office: Lake center garden U201 Momijigaoka nishi Kasuga-city Fukuoka prefecture
Tel & Fax:092-573-8945
President:Kyeyune Livingstone

FUUFA(Fukuoka Uganda Friendship Association)was founded for the objective that it promotes friendly relationship between Uganda and Japan and carry out activities to support the improvement of living standards and educational environment of rural communities in Uganda as well as activuties to promote cultural exchange, tourism and creating a bridge for business opportunities between the two countris.


Founded in May 2009, the association which has now attained Non-Profit Organization status, set out to initiate, maintain and improve mutual friendly relationship and sustainable development through cultural exchange, education and information sharing between Japan and Uganda.

Among other objectives 
Donation of stationery
Uganda Study Tours
Cultural Exchange
The Borehole project
TheKamado stove project
Uganda Study Tours
◆Uganda 50th Independence Day Celebrations

Among other objectives, FUUFA seeks to:

l To promote friendship and maintain good relationship between Uganda and Japan (Africa and Asia)
l To promote educational, health, environmental, agricultural, industrial, technological, and other viable economic activities a mongst the communities.
l To share knowledge on cultures and information on topics as stated above, so as to enhance intellectual and social development.
l To commit to understanding Asian and African values and traditions, that may be different. This will help draw people of the two regions together.
l Endeavor to teach our children at an early age that African and Asian values are similar and lead to a common goal.
l To encourage and promote tourism between the two regions.
l To create forums in schools where young people of different cultural backgrounds can share, enjoy and learn from one another, through cultural festivals, multicultural awareness campaigns, and international exchange.
l To carry out any other activities that are conducive and necessary to attain any of the above as may be decided upon by the association/foundation’s executive.

To achieve the above aims and objectives FUUFA has carried out numerous activities and projects in Japan and Uganda, over the years.

Donation of stationery and scholastic materials to an elementary school in Bukomero Uganda

Many school children in Ugandan rural schools lack basic scholastic materials like text books,notebooks, pencils and others. FUUFA recognizing that need, has donated these materials to Primary schools in Bukomero over the years, putting a smile on the faces parents, pupils and teachers. This helping hand has always been appreciated and without a doubt made a difference in the education of the Bukomero school children.

Notebooks, pencils ready to be distributed......the smiles...

FUUFA President Mr. Livingstotone Kyeyune was in time for Xmas...Notebooks, pencils and soccer balls for the Bukomero kids.

Uganda Study Tours

Every year, FUUFA organizes site seeing a study tours to Uganda. Members from Japan travel to Uganda to tour Ugandan tourist sites, experience Ugandan culture first hand through home-stays, visit FUUFA projects and meet the beneficiaries of the projects. To date, seven such trips (including two that took place in 2007 and 2008 before FUUFA was officially launched) have been organized in which 23 Japanese members have traveled to Uganda. The participants in these tours share their experiences upon return to Japan and encourage others to visit Uganda. On these trips, some Japanese members have identified potential areas or fields of business investment and possible community service projects in Uganda.
Through this project, FUUFA is promoting tourism, friendship and cultural exchange between Fukuoka and Uganda.

On a visit to Bukomero village At the equator in central Uganda

Cultural Exchange and sharing activities

One of FUUFA’s objectives is to provide a forum or a platform for cultural exchange and sharing between Uganda (Africa) and Japan. Whenever possible, Ugandan FUUFA members share some Ugandan cultural aspects such as music and dance, cuisine and others with Japanese members and local communities in Fukuoka at community centers, schools and functions like festivals. Likewise Ugandan and other African members are exposed to Japanese culture at festivals and other community activities.

Japanese and Uganda members collaborate in a cultural sharing event

Ugandan traditional dance

The Borehole project in Bukomero/Luwero/Kabulubuutu

The absence of reliable supply of safe water in many Ugandan rural areas is one of the major problems that characterize life there. Water reservoirs are often located far away from homes, so people have to walk long distances to collect water in containers. This is a hard and time consuming chore and in many cases the water is not adequately sanitary often causing disease outbreaks.
There is no doubt, people in many Ugandan rural communities like Bukomero, urgently need assistance in form of water boreholes to alleviate the water problem. FUUFA has heard the silent cry of such communities and has taken steps to come to the aid of the people in Bukomero by donating one borehole every year. FUUFA intends to install a total of ten boreholes in Bukomero. To achieve this goal in the shortest time possible, FUUFA has become a Non-profit organization in order to expand our resource base. This will enable the organization to donate the ten boreholes in a few years (not in ten years). Reliable supply of safe water is urgently needed.

The unsanitary condition of the water is clearly in evidence

To date, six bore holes have been installed.
The boreholes have made a great difference in the lives of the beneficiaries and are extremely grateful to FUUFA.
Some of the units have been installed at schools or near schools providing the much needed water at the schools and in the localities. The sanitation conditions at the schools and in the communities have significantly improved and the availability of water has enabled some schools to start projects like brick making and vegetable growing. (The borehole water is used to water the vegetable and other crops)

The first borehole was installed at Bukomero Junior High School (Bukomero)
The second unit at St. Mary’s Nabinene Primary School (Bukomero)
The 3th unit at Kakunyu (Bukomero)

The 4th unit at Kyomya

And the 5th borehole was installed at Kireka in Luwero District
The 6th unit at Bukomero Town council
The 7th unit at Busabara Wakiso District

The 8th unit at Kabulubuutu town Mubende District

TheKamado stove project

On a trip to Uganda in December 2012, Mr. Yoshiyuki Nakano, a FUUFA member was saddened by the bad condition of the school kitchen at Bukomero Junior High school. The school did not have a stove in the kitchen. All they had were three stones that hold a cooking pot on fire. The cooking method he quickly realized was very time consuming and fuel (energy) wasting. With funds donated by FUUFA and his own money, Mr. Nakano constructed a Kamado stove for the school.


Uganda 50th Independence Day Celebrations

Ten(10) FUUFA members traveled to Tokyo to take part in the 50th Independence celebrations hosted by the Ugandan Embassy in Tokyo. On this Occasion, members met Ugandans some of whom were Uganda government dignitaries like the Minister of Finance, the Governor of the Central Bank of Uganda and others.

Several FUUFA members were awarded Certificates of Appreciation in recognition of their contribution to the amelioration of living conditions of the people of Bukomero, through FUUFA activities.

Members with former Uganda Ambassador to Japan Mr.Wasswa Birigwa







Donation of scholastic material to Primary school pupils

Bukomero P/school

First FUUFA trip to Uganda

Three members visited Uganda


Tourist sites in


Experienced Ugandan

culture and visited places of interest. Shared their experience upon return

T-shirt and Echo bag project


Proceeds from the sales

enabled FUUFA to donate the first borehole.

Second trip to uganda

6 japanese FUUFA members traveled

to Uganda.


Tourist sites in


Members home-stayed for one

night with selected Bukomero


Donation of scholastic material to Primary school pupils

Bukomero P/school



 Two boreholes donated


The boreholes are fully operational providing safe water to many people in


Third study trip to Uganda


Tourist sites

Members inspected the boreholes and officially commissioned them.

They enjoyed sight seeing.

Assistance to the Tohoku area triple disaster victims

Tohoku disas.


FUUFA contributed 100,000 yen to the relief fund.



More Scholastic materials donated 

Bukomero school children

Kamado stove donated to Bukomero

J school

Bukomero J school

School meals can now be prepared

faster using and using less



The 3rd borehole installed

Bukomero town council

More clean and safe water now available.

Fourth Study trip to Uganda


Tourist sites

Members visited FUUFA project sites, home-stayed and enjoyed site seeing.

Uganda 50th Independence Day



Eight(8) FUUFA members joined the 50th Independence celebrations organized by the Uganda Embassy in Tokyo.   

 Fourth borehole installed


Clean and safe water supply


5th and 6th boreholes installed

Kyomya village

Kireka Luwero

Residents in these villages now

have clean and safe water supply

5th  Uganda study trip

Tourist sites


Six members traveled to Uganda. They home-stayed and enjoyed site seeing.


7th borehole installed

Busabala community

About 1500people are able to use this borehole


Uganda 52th Independence Day



5 FUUFA Executive members joined the 52th Independence celebrations organized by the Uganda Embassy in Tokyo.  

2015 8h borehole installed Kabulubuutu village About 2000people are able to use this borehole
6th  Uganda study trip

Tourist sites


Seven members traveled to Uganda. They enjoyed site seeing.